"We are Forestal and this is only the beginning!"
The Sea Otter Classic 11.04.19 Monterey, California
Forestal's very first appearance in public. An early-stage prototype and Cédric Gracia!
April, sunny California (USA). Generally marks the opening of the new bike season, Sea Otter Classic being the first festival to take place. Almost every brand in the industry assists to present their latest innovations, which makes this event a perfect whiteness of what's coming up in the following months.

At Forestal, this edition was very much under consideration by being our first appearance in public. We decided to announce our project in this unique event by presenting the first prototype and our brand ambassador Cedric Gracia.

We walked through the event, just two Forestal Team members, Cédric, and an enduro pedal-assisted, pixel vinyl-covered aluminum prototype. Not even after five minutes into the show and we were already having our first big interviews! Everybody, press, riders, brands and friends came to us to talk about what we were doing, who we were; all we could say is "We are Forestal and this is only the beginning!"
Stoked, that's the word to describe how we felt. Who could imagine such reaction? This really cheered us up, and motivates us to keep working as hard as we are doing to be ready as soon as possible. We are coming, so stay tuned!