• What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files being received from the visited website and that are used to register certain navigation interactions, storing data that can be later updated and recovered. These files are stored in the user's device and contain anonymous data that are not harmful for the mentioned device. They are used to remember user preferences like the language selected, access data and customization of the page. Cookies can also be used to register anonymous information about how visitors navigate through a website, like for example from which page are they accessing, or if they used a sponsored banner to reach the site.

  • Why do we use cookies?

SmileRiding uses just the strictly necessary and essential cookies so you can navigate through our website and use it freely, using safe areas, custom options, etc. In addition, SmileRiding uses cookies that collect data relative to web analysis. These are used to help in the customer service improvement, measuring performance ratios towards optimization.

Our websites can also include links to social media. SmileRiding does not control the cookies used by these external websites. For more information about social media or third-party website cookies, we suggest to revise their own cookies policies.

This website uses cookies in the following manner:

  • Google Analytics Cookies: Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google Inc. that gathers information about the consulted webpage (navigators used, time of day, etc.). This info is then sent to Google Inc. servers in the United States.
  • "Add-this" application Cookies: Add-this is a free service that allows users to share pages from this website through different channels (email, social media, etc.). Add-this collects statistic information related to your navigation in order to provide advertising adapted to your habits both from the use in this website and others.

  • What uses do we give to the different types of cookies?

According to their purpose:

  • Technical cookies: Those that are indispensable and strictly necessary for the correct functioning of any website and the use of the different options offered by it. For example, they are useful for keeping a user's session open, managing response times, performance or option validation, use of security features, share content through social media, etc.

  • Customization cookies: These cookies permit the user to specify and customize some characteristics included in the website like for example language, regional configurations or the navigator used.

  • Analytics cookies: These cookies are used by our website to create navigation profiles and be able to understand user preferences in order to improve the products and services offered. For example, with the use of these cookies, there can be control over the geographic areas of mayor interest for the user, products with most acceptance, etc.

  • Cookies for advertising: They help for the managing of advertising spaces following specific criteria. For example, they measure frequency of access, edited content, etc. Cookies for advertising save information about consumer behavior, studying accesses and creating a user profile in order to offer advertisements that match their interests.

According to terms:

  • Session cookies: Are those that last for the time the user is navigating through the website and are deleted at the end of the session.

  • Persistent cookies: These cookies are kept in the user's device for a longer period of time, helping for the control of selected preferences without having to repeat certain parameters every time the website is visited.

  • What if I don't want these cookies or don't do nothing about it?

In order to satisfy the current legislation, we have to ask for your permission to manage cookies. If you decide not to authorize it by indicating your inconformity, we will only use the technical cookies, as they are indispensable for our website. In this case, no cookies are being stored. In the case of continuing to navigate through or website without denying your authorization, this will imply to accept the use of cookies.

Be aware that if you reject or delete the web navigation cookies, we will not be able to save your preferences, some features of the website will not be operational, we will not be able to offer you customized services and we will have to ask again for your authorization when you come back to our website.

If you still decide to modify your access settings, you should know that it is possible to delete the cookies or prevent that this information is registered in your computer at any time by changing the parameters of your web browser.