20" urban / foldable / full suspension / carbon frame / GPS / integrated display / pedal assisted

Luxury and performance combined. The first crossover bike and the elite in urban mobility.


A design and engineering masterpiece that could belong to the most exclusive art galleries.

Conquer the city and beyond.
Choose your path, off-road or on the road.
With Aryon there are no limits.


The most exquisite bike created at the Forestal Technology Centre.

Unmatched and unrivalled.
Nothing compares.


Alpha Box
Forestal’s unequivocal Alpha Box performance frame.
Precision layered, premium carbon fibre.
No tools, just hassle-free folding at the click of a button.

Full suspension

Aryon features rear suspension tuned for performance, providing superior damping and pedalling efficiency.
Experience flagship mountain bike performance, in a 20” foldable urban bike.

The inverted fork with integrated Forestal custom fender enhances the riding experience while looking great at the same time. Don't shy away from the trails - the Aryon is a mini mountain bike in disguise.

Every detail looks like a piece of art

The rear suspension linkage is a minimalistic set of curves and unique shapes.

A compact urban bike
as capable as a performance mountain bike

Enjoy an enhanced riding experience and immerse yourself in a new level of comfort

Carbon belt drive


No lubrication means
no oil to stain your clothing.


Twice the lifespan of a traditional chain. Smooth, silent and maintenance-free.


Safe belt drive interface prevents urban accidents.

Dropper post

Thanks to the wireless dropper post, you can lower the height of the saddle by activating the remote control on the handlebar.
Press it again to bring the saddle back to its original height.
No more drama when getting on/off the bike or stopping at traffic lights.

Disc brakes

160mm front and rear rotors for incredible braking power.

Hydraulic, 4-piston, oversized front and rear disc brakes with integrated brake light.
Ride with confidence and safety knowing you have the stopping power of a high-performance mountain bike.

One size that can adapt to every user.
Aryon has been designed with specific geometry and proportions optimized for the best handling.

When day and night merge into one. With powerful, integrated LED lights, Aryon can be seen anytime of the day.

high beam

Brightness: 1,150lm

Activated via integrated switch on handlebar.

low beam

Smart control.

rear light

Daytime visible.
Brakelight function.

Active Flow

Aryon’s Active Flow has the ability to move you freely expanding your roads.

Active Flow



Developing our frames alongside our EonDrive allows us to attain a level of integration unseen before.
Compact, quiet and natural.
A race-ready motor shared troughout all Forestal platforms, featuring a city-specific tune and power delivery.


The lightest and most compact high-performance motor today.


A narrow Q-factor for a natural riding position.


Range and torque to maintain trail flow.

250W / 60 Nm

Protection against the elements.

50.8 dB

As quiet and soothing as rainfall.

Built to perform in the toughest conditions.

The smart system monitors key parameters to control power delivery and heat dissipation, providing maximum assistance levels and avoiding internal damage.

Without assistance, the F60-S1 is completely disengaged, bringing zero friction to the transmission. No noise, no drag, only resistance-free and intuitive pedalling.



The Aurora battery brings the perfect balance for a lightweight e-biking experience.
Fully integrated, compact and energy efficient.

360Wh 51V

Incredibly light and compact.
Optimized to the maximum range.


Thanks to rapid charge technology, this is the time needed to bring the Aurora battery from 0% to 100%.


Increase Siryon`s battery capacity up to 610Wh by easily fitting 250Wh Aurora range extender to the bottle cage.

Discover the world of exclusivity


A truly integrated dashboard as part of the bike.
Incredibly smart, breathtaking design. 1

Your bike is at home.
In safety.


Smart Dashboard

An immersive 3.2” touch-screen display. This is your interface to a wide range of functionalities. Topographic maps, GPS, Bluetooth, G-force and air time, activity recording and direct sync to Strava...
are just some of the key features.

  • Battery status
    Assist control
    Heart rate
    Air time
  • Low energy consumption
  • All-conditions touch screen
  • Water, scratch and impact resistant
  • High definition


Smart Trigger

Minimalistic and multifunctional method of controlling the most advanced cycling system on the planet. Responsive controls to provide interference-free fun for any rider.


Forestal app

Use Forestal's custom app to connect your bike to your smartphone. There you will discover all data and options about your bike, stats from your rides, and a support tool in case you need technical assistance.

  • Bike status
    Strava sync.
    Bike transfer
    Guest mode


Forestal Aryon

Aryon SC
Individual approach to urban riding

Speed Concept philosophy. When fast is not enough.

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