Forestal Motorsports
Dakar 2020 Team Presentation / November 2019 / Andorra
Forestal Motorsports 2020 Rally Team officially presented
On the 30th of November, the Forestal Motorsports Rally Team was officially presented at an event hosted at the Hard Rock Café in Andorra, for the delight of those who walked by and had the chance to see and take pictures with the cars. The Team led by Forestal's founders Ilya Rouss and Anton Yarashuk will be the first ever Andorran Rally Raid Team to compete in the Dakar race.
The Team's structure is solid and prepared for the challenges that the sands of Saudi Arabia will bring. A fleet of assistance vehicles, including a fully equipped motorhome, together with an experienced crew of mechanics will ensure that the racing cars make it to the finish line and are ready for the next stage. There is even a second racing buggy with Artur Ardavichus and Ricardo Torlaschi to complete the Forestal racing car line-up.
Forestal is much more than a bike brand
Inside the private area of the event where guests could access with an exclusive code, there was a wider exhibition of the Forestal brand and the projects that it holds, demonstrating that Forestal is much more than a bike brand. Therefore, the assistants could see live the latest Forestal bike prototypes which are much closer to enter into the production stage, as well as the latest limited editions of Production Privée bikes and a display of Riders Boutique winter offer.
All the best to our Rally Team who will surely be great ambassadors of the Forestal brand in the elite of Rally Racing.

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