Forestal x Production Privée
A new era for Production Privée begins with Forestal
You can buy a bike.
Or you can buy a
Production Privée
Identity Symbols
There are products that go beyond their sector, their function and their use. Products that become pieces of collection; identity symbols as samples of a passion. Production Privée is the brand that creates its bikes with the ultimate goal of giving life to cult objects. Bicycles that are much more than bicycles. The frames made of steel are a unique piece that envelops the vision of a different bike in a timeless design. In addition, it has a successful and original line of components.
Production Privée enters a new dimension
Two brands with
common principles
Now, Production Privée enters a new dimension. Forestal joins forces with a brand with which it has strong links. To begin, both are firms based in Andorra. Both share an idea of total control of the development and manufacture, and that is why they will be completely manufactured in Andorra. Both aim to create bikes to break the mold. Two brands with common principles but very different objectives that are now united by passion in each of their productions.
Forestal's support
With the support of Forestal, Production Privée will be able to continue working under its exclusive philosophy: creating handmade frames, giving a unique level of finishes and generating a totally different shopping experience.
Exclusive philosophy
Limited edition models and customized bikes in each and every one of its aspects. The possibility of creating a bike in which to express your personality. Having a Production Privée is having a symbol of your passion for a lifetime.
A piece of art for MTB enthusiasts
Create bikes for other disciplines
A bike that is enjoyed on the trails as well as in the living room. Forestal's support will allow Production Privée to reach more riders, be more known and maintain its style line with the confidence of having all the resources of a global brand such as Forestal. It will be also a door open to create Production Privée bikes for other disciplines like gravel, always with its singular identity stamp.
Titanium frame
After this new impulse, one of the first steps of Production Privée will be to launch its first titanium frame, another material synonymous with timelessness, return to the origins and exclusivity.
Another level
We will also work on bringing the experience of purchasing a Production Privée to another level. Details that the most demanding, the most elitist and the most experienced will appreciate much beyond any number of their geometry, weight or kinematics.
A new era for Production Privée begins with Forestal