Knowing the Forestal Project
The biggest bike company you've never heard of.
Obvious question
When the Forestal project was initiated, you could see a small group of people each one coming from a specific background such as engineering, product design, marketing, and business investment; all of them having one question to answer: what are we going to do with this project? The question may sound obvious; aren't we doing bikes? Well, not really.
Forestal is creating more than a range of bikes; it's creating a community and a business ecosystem around it.
The goal was to bring something extraordinary not only as a product but as a brand, which meant that some of the most prestigious companies in their specific areas became part of the brand's ecosystem and started to work together under a unique shelter; Forestal.
Ambitious project
This is certainly an ambitious project, where we want to introduce a new product concept to the market and be recognized as specialists of such. There has been a lot of tough work done, and still a lot to do. However, we are excited to see that results are being very positive already, but even more excited when someone from outside the company comes to visit us and tells such a great story about what we are doing.
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