"Life could be the easy way"
Cédric Gracia
There are certain moments in life where we may believe that things are not turning out as planned… or is it that we're just listening to our own excuses? It's within us to drive our lives how we want it to be.
Cédric Gracia has proved everything already in the mountain bike industry and could be enjoying life the easy way of not taking any more risks, following his inner voice. However, some people need thrilling challenges and are willing to change the world, and that's exactly the point where Forestal and he meet, to work on a new brand that goes far beyond expectations.

We want to be those who inspire the world with the unimaginable, bringing a new spirit to the cycling industry, creating innovative products today for tomorrow.
I'm a person who likes to go ahead, and at 40 years old I think it was the time to use the 25 years of racing to the advantage of riders the world over. I have nothing against what I did before, and this is just a new step in my life. I know it is a big and thrilling step, in fact, some will think I'm crazy, but I have conviction, and I'm a hard worker, a true entrepreneur.

I've learned as a pro rider where I've seen that when you have something right, the outcome is just extraordinary. This feels right. I wanted to be part of something new, having the chance to be a developer since the very beginning.

Cédric Gracia
"Life could be the easy way."
Cédric Gracia

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