Road to Dakar
Rallye Du Maroc / October 2019 / Morocco
More than a bicycle brand
The Forestal Project is dimensioned to be much more than a bicycle brand. It pretends to be a community, something with which people can identify and associate it to their lifestyles.

Not having yet released officially a range of bikes, a new challenge is presented: Forestal Motorsports.

This division is an extension of all Forestal values; Excellence, Freedom, Team, Trust, Passion, Innovation. It is the chance to take the brand to a whole new level, to enter different worlds and reach a wider audience proving ourselves capable of almost anything.

Forestal Motorsports will be racing in the Dakar 2020, perhaps the most challenging off-road race that exists.
The Team is composed by Ilya Rouss (driver), Anton Yarashuk (co-driver), both founders of the Forestal Project, and Artur Ardavicius, who has raced the Dakar ten times in the truck category achieving a third position overall, and is providing the expertise assessment to overcome the extreme conditions that will be presented to them during this event.
As part of the preparation and in order to get familiar with the car, mechanics and different settings, the Team has created a racing calendar that will keep them busy for the second half of the year. The first test was the Spanish Baja-Aragón race, and this time was the turn for Morocco, much more similar to what the Team will find in the Dakar adventure.

The race and track were astonishing, with long-driving stages through tough terrain, looking like Mars with fine sand, sharp rocks and huge cliffs that were a trap even for the most experienced drivers.
Don't miss the chance to learn more about the Forestal Motorsports division. There is a lot more content to come, so stay tuned!

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